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Your Concrete Floor Experts

Consultation & Budgeting

We help construction professionals budget and plan their concrete floor projects.

Testing, Survey & Analysis

We assist with evaluation during design, construction or remediation phases.

Demo, Repair & Placement

We're specialists in demo, repair, placement and finishing of concrete floor slabs.

Quality Control Services

We offer quality control services during the placement and finishing of concrete slabs.

What our clients say...

I wanted to let you know how well the Floor Seal Technology PowerPump System worked
at our Kaiser Carson project. Nearly 50,000 square feet was blasted, primed with your crack suppression system and topped with self-leveling cement. Your team overcame every obstacle and completed your work on schedule. We are recommending and intend to use the same system on our next project.

Ed Kustanovich | Turner Construction

Thank you again for the quality and effectiveness of your team and the VaporSeal
309. We found no cracks anywhere on all three floors of the project. There was very little prep due to the quality of the concrete that your curing and sealing product produced. The floors at Kaiser San Mateo turned out perfect, as they did on the South San Francisco Cancer Treatment Center.

Larry Fabricant | Welker Bros.

An underground water main burst, flooding our construction site, and eventually flooding the entire 30,000 sf basement of the operating hospital. We want to express our sincere appreciation to Floor Seal Technology, Inc. for your assistance in our time of need. Within
hours, our efforts to mobilize, move out, cleanup, and rebuild the facility were fully staffed.

Curtis F. Johnson | HMH Builders, Inc.