Floor Seal Technology began designing TekCrete around 2012 to meet the needs of Architects who wanted a Designer Terrazzo look with out giving up important LEEDs points, and eliminating the use of the BPH resins.

TekCrete controlled expanding concrete creates a terrazzo look with 4-5-inch cast in place ready-mix concrete.  Floor Seal has incorporated specialty back round colors with proprietary aggregates that resemble Terrazzo at approximately 1/3 the price of standard Terrazzo, and 1/3 the schedule of traditional epoxy terrazzo. Typically epoxy terrazzo takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks to complete 1,000 SF.  TekCrete is placed on the day of the pour and ground approximately 5 days after finishing.  One thousand SF of TekCrete grinding and sealing is completed in 3-4 days.  The floor is protected by Floor Seal until the completion of the job.

If the slab at any time is damaged by construction or during the owner’s use, Floor Seal has developed MirrorCrete Match Patch to repair the concrete back to its original condition.

Every color of glass and aggregate is available to produce unique and exciting natural looking terrazzo.  No Clear plastic looking epoxies. Just natural lifetime concrete that will enhance the floors for the life of the structure.

Advantages Over Terrazzo

  • Installed during the concrete pouring process.
  • Less than half the price
  • Hundreds of combinations, completely custom
  • No harsh chemical components
  • 100% -post-consumer recycled glass, option
  • Locally sourced aggregates
  • Installs 5x faster
  • Indefinite life expectancy



  • Integral color (optional)
  • Aggregate selections (optional)


Concrete Designed For Sustainability

  • Mix design review and consulting
  • Onsite monitoring of weather conditions
  • Onsite placement and finishing supervision
  • Aggregate seeding oversight
  • Curing and crack reduction consulting


Materials and Waste Management

  • MW 3.1 Recycled Content
  • MW 7.0 Low-Emitting Material, CDPH 01350 Compliant
  • MW 7.1 Environmental Product Declaration


California CALGreen Building Code

2017 Non-Residential Voluntary Measures

  • 405.4 Recycled Content
  • 409.3 Materials and System Assemblies



Materials and Resources

  • MRc2 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declaration
  • MRc3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials, Option 2. Recycled.


Below you can view and download our available documents for more information about TekCrete.

Product Data.PDF


03 35 00- Decorative Concrete

03 35 43 – Polished Concrete

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