Concrete Curing + Flat Floor System

Floor Seal Technology has developed an innovative curing system used achieve exceptional concrete and flat floors on for exposed concrete surfaces. The system includes technical advice regarding the concrete mix design. Is the mix appropriate for the purpose and the conditions of slab or architectural concrete? The system includes the manufacturer’s technicians who set up a weather station to monitor the wind speed, the relative humidity, the ambient temperature, and the concrete temperature on nomograph. By graphing these placement conditions, the technician can determine the bleed water evaporation rate, and when the bleed water evaporation will come into equilibrium per ACI 308. This system prevents premature finishing, and curing, as well as ensuring the cure is not applied too late. Delayed curing will cause premature craze cracking and a weak surface on the day of the pour because the slab surface dries before the cement can hydrate and mature. This effect also allows for shrinkage cracks that occur days after or weeks after placement. Curing too early will trap the bleed water in the top 1/8 inch of the concrete, diluting the cement particles, causing the concrete to be soft and chalky. Floor Covering will not achieve a sufficient bond to this condition.

Depending on the concrete mix, the water can be 40-50% of the cement by weight on the day of the pour. As the concrete dries you lose some of that volume of the water. If the water escapes before the concrete hydrates and strengthens for 28  days, the concrete will crack from the loss of volume. If the concrete retains the water during hydration enough strength will develop to reduce severe cracking and possibly eliminate cracking, as well as curling at joints, Concrete mix designs with the right aggregates, proper gradation, and admixtures, along with MirrorCure can be crack free. Additional reinforcing may be recommended for areas that initiate cracking, such as, columns, outside corners, MEPS, and L shaped pours.

MirrorCure includes a pre-evaporative retarder formulation to be placed during placement on days with hot, windy, and low humidity conditions.

The MirrorCure formulation and spread rate can be adjusted by the factory technicians to further avoid premature drying on the day of the pour. Further curing throughout the night, and on subsequent days when hot, windy conditions continue.

On a hospital project poured in Santa Ana hot wind conditions we have stayed on site for over 36 straight hours to continue to cool and cure until the concrete has had sufficient time to strengthen for those conditions.

In Palm Springs during Summer we cure 5 minutes after the placement. On the same pour date in San Francisco we might have to wait several days for the bleed water to evaporate before we can cure.

MirrorCure can incorporate pre-pour construction meetings and concrete placement oversite.

MirrorCure warranties are the only warranties available that include the product installation. MirrorCure warranties assure that the concrete is cured according to ACI 308 Standard Practice for Curing concrete and ASTM C 309 Standard Specifications for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete.


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MirrorCure by FloorSeal


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