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Floor Seal Technology Inc. offers a complete suite of services to support your concrete floor needs.

We’re ready to assist in the early planning stages, through completion – we’re here every step of the way.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

The intent of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program is to provide design guidelines and a third-party certification tool for sustainable building practices. Products are not certified under the LEED program.  However, product selection may contribute to points in certain credit categories. Contact Floor Seal to speak with our LEED Green Associates to learn more.

Continuing Education

Floor Seal Technology will bring an AIA-accredited Continuing Education presentation to your office on any of the following topics:

  • Identify the potential challenges facing flooring installers resulting from concrete admixtures, finishing, and curing.
  • Explain the causes of those concrete related floor issues.
  • Review acceptable curing methods identified by the American Concrete Institute.
  • Explore new approaches to preventing concrete related floor issues and delivering higher quality concrete slabs.
  • Process and installation.
  • Concrete design.
  • Precautions and avoidable problems.
  • Decorative concrete alternatives.
  • Sustainability and performance.

Consultation & Planning

We’re the concrete floor experts for large construction companies and general contractors. Our team is available to assist and discuss your requirements, needs, plans and troubleshoot issues. We have completed hundreds of projects and we’re knowledgeable about how to save our clients time and money.

Budgeting & Estimating

Our centralized estimating department located in our Headquarter office can assist with pricing Floor Seal Technology’s products and systems nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey installation proposal, material pricing, budget guidance or value engineering options, our estimating services can serve as your one-stop resource.

Specification Development

Whether you are using a specification service, an office master spec, or a manufacturer’s guide specification as found on this website, it will usually require significant revisions to meet the demands of your project. Floor Seal Technology can provide the free services of our CSI trained and certified representatives to help you develop the right specification for your construction documents.

Moisture Testing

Floor Seal Technology employs several qualified concrete moisture testing technicians to assist you with evaluation during design, construction or remediation phases. Our technicians are trained on the latest ASTM F1869 water vapor emission, F2170 in-situ relative humidity and F710 alkalinity testing protocols. If you are looking for an independent testing agency, we can refer you!

Flatness & Levelness Surveying

We can survey your existing concrete slab to determine any unevenness or undulations in the slab that could affect flooring transitions and tolerances. This information can be extremely valuable during the design or construction phase of your project to better prepare for any floor leveling work that may be required to meet flooring and fixture requirements.

Failure Analysis

Floor Seal employs industry experts that have seen it all. With in-house testing equipment, Floor Seal Technology can effectively test, diagnose and provide recommended repair procedures of root causes of many different flooring issues.

  • Concrete Coring: Determine the construction and design of your concrete and sub-grade to determine conformance with flooring requirements and specifications.
  • Petrographic Analysis: Microscopic inspection of concrete mix and aggregate to determine if slab is defective and potential rehabilitative options. This analysis is also useful in determining the effectiveness of concrete curing practices.
  • Tensile Strength: Evaluation and pull-off strength of concrete surface to determine if concrete surface is suitable for applied flooring.

Demo, Repair, Placement & Finishing

Our factory installation team is here to complete the job. Floor Seal Technology is often trusted to perform demolition, repair, replacement, placement and finishing of concrete floors. We’re licensed and bonded. We’ve completed hundreds of high profile projects. Visit our product pages and projects page to see who we’ve work for.

Quality Control Services

Tired of repeated change orders for “extensive floor prep” towards the end of your project because of deficient concrete floor slabs? Floor Seal Technology provides quality control services during the placement and finishing of a concrete slab to remedy the common practices that lead to expensive floor prep requirements later in the project.

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