MES 100 concrete moisture emission control

Floor Seal Technology, Inc is a rapidly growing concrete design and placement company that specializes in specifying and designing incredible decorative Рarchitectural concrete for the most significant buildings in the United States.  Floor Seal Technology has Intellectual Property in many products popular the concrete industry.

We are currently hiring!

Please contact us by sending resumes to or give us a call at 1.800.572.2344


Available Positions:

Construction Project Managers / Estimators who work with the General Contractor and concrete team to create great buildings.

Administrative Assistant


Union Opportunities:

  1. Foremen to head teams curing, and managing concrete placement, concrete polishing.
  2. Foremen to head teams on concrete repair projects.
  3. Foremen to head teams on epoxy and repairs projects.
  4. Workmen with skills in concrete, concrete polishing, concrete repair.
  5. Workmen with skills in epoxy, epoxy repairs. Epoxy restoration.