PowerPump rapidly installs Floor Seal Technology’s MES self-leveling cement toppings on new and existing concrete slabs to produce a floor-ready surface. For new concrete slabs, PowerPump can be used in combination with Floor Seal’s MES 100 Moisture Vapor Control System to quickly and completely control moisture emission rates before interior walls are framed. For existing slabs, it can correct cracked, uneven concrete floors. PowerPump has a proven track record of cost- and time-saving performance. To ensure expected results, Floor Seal monitors every aspect of the installation and utilizes meticulous testing and measurement of conditions.


  • Pumps cast underlayment and concrete toppings
  • Pumps products at up to 40,000 sqft per day
  • Consistent flow rates to produce smooth, self-leveled floors
  • Reduces labor rates by 40%
  • Reduces material waste by 10%
  • Reduces installation times by up to 75%


To clean concrete and remove hard-troweled surfaces, new and existing slabs require shot blast to the entire treatment area to ICRI Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 3 or 4.


New Installations

After surface preparation, new slabs are treated with the MES 100 Concrete Moisture Emission Control System. A sand broadcast is applied to the wet coating and allowed to cure. After removing loose sand, cementitious-based, self-leveling cement is pumped to resurface and flatten the substrate to the desired flatness tolerance.


Existing Installations

After surface preparation, existing slabs are treated with the appropriate cement primer and or MES 100 Concrete Moisture Emission Control System. For epoxy-based primers, a sand broadcast is applied to the coating and allowed to cure. After removing loose sand, self-leveling cement is pumped to resurface and level the concrete.


Recommended Applications

One-quarter inch (1/4″) minimum.


Pumping Rate

14,000 lbs. per hour.



No additional application or maintenance is required prior to installation of floor covering.



Contribution towards specific credits will vary depending upon products used. Select engineered cement topping products may contribute towards IEQc 4.2 – Low emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings and MRc 5 – Regional Materials.



Guaranteed adhesion to concrete, with no exclusions for concrete cracks, joints or improperly prepared substrates.



PowerPump application of cement toppings is compliant with general Floor Seal Technology concrete moisture emission control and slab leveling system requirements. Warranty term and coverage will be as indicated for respective system.


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