Existing concrete floors can hold many challenges for the installation of diamond polished concrete floors. Most of the existing floors have a previously installed flooring surface. Floor Seal Technology can review, inspect, and specify the correct process for transferring existing concrete floors into beautiful polished concrete flooring. We diagnose each slab for hardness and condition to create specifications that will restore the concrete and polish. If the concrete slab is sound, the concrete can be restored no matter what level of surface damage. Many old historic building projects are utilizing diamond polish concrete as a cost effective and natural floor choice. When surface damage is predominating, FST TekFlor is recommended with many base colors and decorative aggregates to choose from. When the existing floors are in better shape but still in need of surface repairs that include cracks, the MirrorCreteColor Match Patch is used to blend in those areas matching even incredibly old concrete. Floor Seal Technology looks forward to working with architects and designers soon to convert existing concrete floors into beautiful show pieces highlighting the projects.



MirrorCrete for old concrete floors full circle system of components

  • Floor Seal Technology collaborates with the Architect directly and throughout installation.
  • Comprehensive existing floor evaluation and testing.
  • Installation of polished concrete using the MirrorCrete proven line of equipment, diamond tooling and MirrorSeal process chemicals.
  • Matching repairs if needed using MirrorCreteColor Match Patch. The exclusive invisible repair and grouting system for polished concrete.
  • MirrorClean polished concrete maintenance system.


The ensuing blame game…

If the concrete is not properly specified and managed, where does the blame lie?


Options for Wavy Concrete.

  1. Accept the concrete as is. The No cost option.
  2. Cut to Class C or D. Three to Six times original cost.
  3. Remove and Replace slab or install a polished concrete overlay cap. Highest cost option.


Natural Polished Concrete Finish

MirrorCrete | Proprietary lithium silicate hardener, densifier and diamond tooling


Optional Components

TekFlor | Half the price of traditional Terrazzo. The TekFlor™ System is a durable and attractively consistent engineered cement floor topping

MirrorDye | Concrete colorant for polish compatibility

MirrorSeal | Water, stain and chemical protectant

MirrorCrete-Color Match Patch | Invisible repairs and grouting

MirrorClean | Specialty polished floor clean


Below you can view and download our available documents for more information about MirrorCrete.





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