It is inevitable that some type of repairs will be needed on all architectural slabs, old and new. Repairs need to surpass the industry standard of; “Not noticeable from 20 feet away.” Noticeable repairs devalue the expected look of a floor and become a negative focus point. Floor Seal Technology can make invisible repairs on polished concrete, clear sealed concrete, and terrazzo. When repairs are not noticeable, they become a non-issue for great concrete floor outcomes.

The Exclusive Color Match Patch system is comprised of a combination of Fast Cure UV and moisture tolerant resins, Hydraulic Cements, colorant and aggregates. The repairs do not shrink or color change. The custom match for repairs is performed on the project site and then approved by the architect.



  • UV proof
  • Moisture proof
  • Mimics any age concrete or terrazzo
  • Bond exceeds concrete failure
  • Will not shrink
  • Chemical resistant grout
  • VOC compliant

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