MES 100 is a Floor Seal Technology, Inc. proprietary product that remediates concrete moisture emission up to any limit.  It is installed by Factory Technicians to insure a complete warranty. The MES 100 systems I-IV are incorporated with a 1/8 cement underlayment.  The cement is not required with carpet finishes.

On existing concrete, the system, I-IV is chosen after ASTM F 710 testing, which incorporate ASTM F 2170 and ASTM F 1869 and pH.

On new concrete pours the system is specified along with the division 3 concrete placement requirements following ACI 302 R. This requires the proper vapor retarders and installation procedures. If the ACI 302 R Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab Construction is specified a System I will be used.  If ACI 302 R is not followed, the system will be determined by additional ASTM testing.

The process meets and incorporates all requirements of ASTM F 3010 Standard Practice for Two-Component Resin-Base Membrane forming Moisture Mitigations Systems for use under Resilient Floors.

This process requires bead blasting the slab to a CPS 4 profile for preparation.  The membrane is placed at 10 mils. It must meet the required pH resistance and have a tensile adhesion to the slab of a minimum of 200 pounds. The membrane is followed with the 1/8 cement layer to absorb the moisture from water-based LEED required adhesives.


No other Manufacturer warrants both the concrete moisture emission product and the installation. A warranty without installation included leaves the owner at the mercy of the two parties as to fault.  The finger pointing begins, and the owner is left to hire consultants and attorneys. MES 100 is warranted to replace any floors that have failed due to moisture or pH.  The warranty includes the demo of the original sealer and cement when required.

MES 100 concrete moisture emission control


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