Project Overview

Floor Seal Technology worked with Gensler Architects and PCL Construction for over a year on the Concrete design at the new stadium. Gensler had a definite idea of the color and aggregate types for all the polished concrete concourses after looking at concrete design samples furnished to the design team.  In addition to the color and aggregate selection, Floor Seal Technology helped determine the level of aggregate exposure before the concrete was placed.

After all the design decisions were made, the next step was to educate and train the PCL self-performing concrete finisher and foreman on the techniques required to create the concrete specified by Gensler.  All the PCL finishing team and the project superintendents were brought into the project conference room to go through a concrete power point training session to study all of the procedures that would need to be followed to meet Gensler’s design intent.

The final results are beautiful, polished concrete concourses with consistent medium sized rock exposure and a MirrorCrete Stone Finish.

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Project Details

Type: Sports Stadium

Client: PCL Construction

Architect: Gensler Architects

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Surface Area: ?

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