Project Overview

The New Google World Headquarters was built by Hathaway Dinwiddie Builders on the Structure and Devcon Construction on the interiors.  The Architects were Heatherwick Studio of London, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group of Copenhagen – New York, and Adamson Associates of Toronto – New York – London – San Francisco.

Floor Seal Technology began originally working with the design team two years before the structure was started.  Most of the interiors were to be exposed polished and sealed concrete to meet the most stringent LEEDS Platinum requirements.

Bill Clyne collaborated Patrick Farley, head of Quality Control at Central Concrete / US Concrete to create a concrete color with aggregates that met the design and LEEDS requirements for a LEED Platinum building.  Other conditions were the ability acquire enough of the exact same cement, sand, slag, and aggregates to complete the project over a 3-4-year period.

Floor Seal created a cement slurry compressor station that recycled all the cement slurry into clean reusable water and concrete bricks that were recycled to new concrete and created a silica dust free project.

Further details and pictures are prevented by an NDA in place at this time.

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Project Details

Type: Corporate HQs

Client: Hathaway Dinwiddie Builders / Devcon Construction

Architect: Heatherwick Studio, Bjarke Ingels Group / Adamson Associates

Location: Mountain View, CA

Surface Area: ?

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