Project Overview

The San Francisco Plumbers Union purchased a city block of property on the historic Market Street in San Francisco around 1950. In conjunction with Strada Development and Form4 Architects, the Plumbers Union undertook building four mid-rise mixed-use buildings and their new HQ office with Suffolk Construction.

Strada Development put Floor Seal in touch with the Plumbers Union’s management team to design and create a one-of-a-kind TekFlor overlay. On two floor levels, the newly installed overlay brings attention to their new building and the large auditorium where important events are held. The remaining floor levels received MirrorCrete polishing.

Along with incorporating medium sized glass aggregates of red, gold, and black, the key to the final design was the Plumbers Union’s original logo. Installed in the center of their auditorium, the beautiful logo was perfectly stained onto our white Tekflor concrete.

With the consultation of Form4 Architects, the Plumbers Union and Floor Seal specifically chose the colors of concrete and aggregates. The blend of colorful aggregates embedded into the concrete created a floor the Plumbers Union is very proud of.

Floor Seals Involvement and Work

  • Floor Seal Technology’s MirrorCrete concrete polishing
  • Floor Seal Technology’s TekFlor concrete terrazzo systems.
  • Floor Seal Technology’s MirrorCrete Stencil

Utilized Products

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Vaprecision Calcium Chloride Test

Project Details

Type: Corporate HQs

Client: Strada Development

Architect: Form4 Architects

Location: San Francisco, CA

Surface Area: 13,000 SF

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