Project Overview

Floor Seal Technology started working on Apple Park Campus in 2014 with DPR construction and Foster Partners Architects.  Twenty Hewlett Packard building on the 175-acre property were to be torn down and replaced with the 3,000,000 SF Spaceship and adjoining support buildings to become Apple Park Campus. This project when completed in 2017 became the new Corporate HQ of Apple. The total cost of the building at $5 billion.


Floor Seal Technology was first hired to create polished concrete mockups in one of the existing HP buildings. Three days before the mockups were to be reviewed by Steve Jobs and his design team – Steve died.  The building as it stands was Steve Job’s, Jony Ive’s, and Norman Foster’s original design.


Floor Seals Involvement and Work

  • Concrete ready-mix- concrete design consulting.
  • Concrete oversite on the 5,000 SF mockup building that was torn down after completion.
  • Over 2,000 concrete moisture tests throughout the project including RH probes, pH tests and Vaprecision Calcium Chloride tests.
  • Floor Seal Technology’s MirrorCrete concrete polishing
  • Floor Seal technology’s TekFlor concrete terrazzo systems.

Utilized Products

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Vaprecision Calcium Chloride Test

Project Details

Type: Corporate HQs

Client: DRP construction. Spectra Contract Floors.

Architect: Foster Partners

Location: Cupertino, CA

Surface Area: 3,000,000 SF

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