FB Burlingame

Project Overview

Floor Seal collaborated with WRNS Studio Architects to create a ready-mix concrete color that would be light enough to high-light the patina concrete stain through the entire first floors of all four buildings.

Further collaboration with Rudolph and Sletten, and Dolan Concrete allowed for the placement of beautiful flat concrete to act as a palate for the final polish and stain.

Floor Seal’s Design Build Technicians performed the concrete oversite and 3D lasering, the curing, the polishing and staining.

Utilized Products

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Project Details

Core and Shell Architect: Gensler

Core and Shell GC: Hathaway Dinwiddie

Interior GC: Rudolph & Sletten

Interior Architect: WRNS Studio

Scope: Designed concrete. Managed concrete placement. Cured concrete and completed Polish & Stain

Products: TekCrete, MirrorCure, MirrorCrete Polish, MirrorCrete Stain, TekFlor

Project Size: 120,000 SF plus staining concrete access floors on upper stories

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